Security Intelligence

Risk Management for the HPE Integrity NonStop™ Server

Reduce MTTD
image Security Intelligence

Data Protection

Protect sensitive data at rest and in transit

Protect Your Data
image Data Protection

Identity & Access Management

Grant privileges according to job function

Access Your Information
image Identity & Access Management

Audit & Compliance

Ensure security policy compliance

Manage Audit Data
image Audit & Compliance

Authentication & SSO

Enterprise user authentication solutions

Authenticate Securely
image Authentication & SSO

Database Management

Complete HPE NonStop® database management solutions

Store Data Efficiently
image Database Management

Exceeding your HPE NonStop security, compliance and encryption needs for over 35 years.

For over 35 years, businesses across the globe have relied on XYPRO for their most stringent and complex security needs. Companies that manage and transport business-critical data on a large scale select our security solutions and services to help improve their HPE NonStop server environments and enhance the jobs of those who operate them.

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Deliver security without compromise.

XYPRO’s robust XYGATE security suite of software solutions ensures whatever security objective you need to achieve, we have the right tool available. The XYGATE modules not only provide industry best security, but because they’ve all been developed in house, all GUIs feature a single look and feel ensuring unparalleled
ease of use.

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